Relaxing holidays are the place to find creative inspiration… Who knew?!

I guess I’ve mostly been surviving life of late, surviving from the time Cheeky Monkey woke up to the time I could put him down for his nap and fall into bed exhausted! Surviving day after day with no real energy to speak of and consequently no desire to do anything other than sleep or lie around checking my social media. It’s a pretty depressing existence really, at least that has been my experience of it. And the thing that I’ve found the most difficult was that Cheeky Monkey picked up on my constant tiredness and went through a phase of telling us daily (every time he didn’t want to do something) that he was tired. 🙁 It was heart breaking!

I didn’t ask to get Glandular Fever and really there was nothing I could do about it, other than survive, once I had it… It’s not like you can just decide not to be sick & exhausted anymore. Believe me, if you could I would have! So finally we took a relaxing family holiday in Broulee, the sound of the crashing waves keeping us company day and night. Trips to the beach to play in the sun, sand and waves almost daily… Except for the days I could just relax at home and get the extra sleep I have been desperately in need of (though the boys still enjoyed the beach on those days)! That and the day we went to Mogo Zoo which was also a lot of fun. It was wonderful family, restful, rejuvenating time where I could sit back and reflect on things and try to work out what it was that I want to be doing in life (along side the great privilege of being a mother).

Broulee Beach

I set myself a goal to write a blog post or two while on holiday but didn’t really think I’d do much more than that, little did I know that once I started writing it would help clarify things in my brain and the words would simply flow from there… Eleven posts in two days… I hadn’t written that much since the last few months of my honours thesis when the rubber was really hitting the road. I don’t really know where it came from, but there is was – my writing mojo! And I was a little afraid to go to bed at night lest it be gone when I woke in the morning.

Have you ever written a significant amount? Where did you find your writing mojo?

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