Blogging regularly has been a challenge from the very beginning, none-the-less my goal early on was to blog daily on Everything I read about achieving your dreams stresses the importance of goal setting in order to make your dreams a reality… I guess my problem is that I’m a bit all or nothing. I want to blog every day of the week, or I feel like I’ve failed at the whole blogging thing and I end up going for ages without blogging at all!

It’s all so interlinked with my self-confidence or lack thereof. I have a moment of inspiration where I think surely if I just set goals and write lists I’ll be able to achieve what others are able to achieve… And there’s the catch, it never quite works to measure your beginner self to those ‘others’ who have inevitably been doing this whole blogging thing for quite some time and for the most part have built (or are on their way to building) quite successful businesses out of their blogs. That’s my biggest problem, I want to go from zero to hero overnight!

Zero to Hero

Gosh wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible?! I’m a reasonable, intelligent human being… I KNOW that going from beginner to pro doesn’t happen overnight! I know it takes years of work, starting small and building up gradually. So why do I still hold this wacky belief that I should be able to buck the trend and achieve greatness in the blogosphere in 2.5 seconds or give up?! Sure, you occasionally see someone get lucky and their rise to successful blog happens in a matter of weeks or months, but for the most part it’s a gradual process that happens over a much longer period of time.

So I’m trying to buck my own trend, I’m trying to be realistic… I’m trying to write lots when I can so I can build up a volt of posts for those times when life happens and writing falls by the way side. Because in my land of Mummydom it would be nice to feel like I’m achieving something other than getting us showered, dressed, fed, played, nappied/toileted and napped each day! It would be nice to see my blog grow in readership slowly over time and hopefully along the journey I will discover more about my passion as I share my progress along my creative journey with you, and maybe, just maybe I’ll discover how I can add value to your life through Then again, perhaps I’ll get more out of this journey than I’m able to give through your interaction with me in the comments… Who knows!

Either way, I’d like to give this whole blogging thing a real, sustained go and see where the journey takes me! Do you have any goals you need to be a bit more realistic about?

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