I have a dream… to redecorate our home in a way that is uniquely us and ties our eclectic mix of possessions together. I have some ideas of how to achieve this, but thus far I have ventured to make a start on but a few of those ideas. Of course I was super happy with the outcome of my first creative project… Having had the African print material for over 7 years it was amazing that it tied in perfectly with the existing curtains which came with the house!

My next home decor project has been on the boil for quite some time now… We have two lovely old chairs made from beautiful wood with a lovely firm back. Great pieces of furniture for any lounge room! And even nicer that they are inherited pieces from hubby’s family. However the upholstery is old and tired and the cushions have some permanent dents from many years of holding the weight of their occupants. The beauty of these chairs is that they can be spruced… I can recover them, get new cushions and use the opportunity to tie their look in with the rest of our home!

It’s an exciting prospect… Albeit slow execution. I have some fun African print material that I purchased the same trip as the material used in my first creative project. It’s a black print on a neutral backing which was perfect for me to add a splash of colour to in order to fit in with the overall theme of the room.

Material Painting

It isn’t the thickest of materials, so isn’t ideal for re-upholstering chairs… But I plan on backing it with a good upholstery-thickness material in a similarly neutral colour to extend the life of the new look chairs! Wish me luck! 🙂

Are you working on any DIY decorating projects for your home at the moment?

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