What is ‘Christian’ behaviour? If you’re a believer, chances are your behaviour has been watched closely by others – does it measure up to what is expected of a Christian? If you’re a non-believer, chances are you’ve watched the behaviour of a Christian closely… what were you looking for?

I’ve been a Jesus follower most of my life – at times keenly seeking what God would have me do with my life and how He would have me behave and at other times just knowing that He was there, but not paying Him anywhere near the attention He deserves! Why does He deserve my attention? He paid the ultimate sacrifice for me, leaving His throne in heaven, coming to earth as a man to provide me (and you) the opportunity to reconnect with my Heavenly Father… and dying on the cross! He sacrificed His life in order that I may acknowledge my sinfulness, ask Him to forgive me and have Him stand IN MY PLACE on judgement day in front of God – who has every right to banish my sinful being to eternal damnation! Jesus standing in my place will secure God’s grace for my eternal life!!! That my friends, is RADICAL grace!

God's Radical Grace

John 3:16 shows us that Jesus gave up EVERYTHING, to come to earth as a man, be persecuted, treated as worthless (NOTHING), to die on the cross in order that I (little old sinful me) would have the opportunity to LIVE with Him in paradise FOREVER!!!

It doesn’t get ANY better than that! Jesus LOVED me SO MUCH that he DIED so that I could LIVE! Ephesians 2:8-9 shows that nothing I have done, or could do makes me deserving of His radical sacrifice – but He gave it freely anyway!

Why do I keep repeating this truth? I think I’ve become FAR too blaze about this radical grace that has been freely given to me! I have been living in a bit of a cloud, allowing myself to be too caught up in the world in which I live rather than focusing on being a light of this radical grace, forgiveness and LOVE that Jesus offers to EVERYONE!

I guess that means anyone who has been watching my behaviour lately may have been confused by what ‘Christian’ behaviour should be, it’s unlikely that my behaviour of late would have clearly communicated the gospel message to them. Thankfully having such a momentary lapse, taking my eyes off of my eternal prize, doesn’t change Jesus’ love for me or His radical grace offer for me! I am human and as such I need radical grace. So while my recent behaviour may not have been portraying the image Jesus would have liked… He is still waiting with OPEN ARMS for me to return to Him and rededicate my life to His service!

If someone laid down their life for you… what would you owe them in return? I believe I owe my LIFE!

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