There are times when my Instagram feed makes me long to be out enjoying the beauty of nature in the early morning! But that is not my life right now!
Right now I have the privilege to curl up with my precious girl, watching the light bring out the beautiful red tinge in her hair. Watching her perfect little hand fall as the sleep takes over her body. And marveling at the length of those lashes! These moments are fleeting, these years are short… I need to embrace them fully!!!

I am so very grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed on us in the form of our two precious children! I need to be very careful not to wish away these little years that I can never get back! The grass may look greener elsewhere… But in truth, the grass is always greener where it is watered!!! Are you watering the grass you have been blessed with? Or envying the lush green colour of someone else’s grass?

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