So the ‘new baby’ hiatus got extended far longer than I ever intended it to. I’ve written plenty in the last 9 months… Unfortunately the bulk of it was written in my head as I fed my little girl in the dark, not wanting to disturb her or hubby (given he goes to a ‘traditional’ job most days that pays the bills). Nights when I wasn’t feeding or doing things that needed doing were generally spent in a vague state somewhere between ‘yay I finally have some time to myself’ and ‘I really should go to bed but that would require getting up’. I tried at times to get back into things and posted a bit or wrote drafts… But it turns out raising two kids is kind of all-consuming and tiring – who would’ve thought?! Not to mention the great perfectionist streak in me that says my blog does not look right yet, or I can’t publish that post until I’ve found the perfect photograph to accompany it… Or learnt to edit it just so!

Look whos back

Bah, who’s got the time or inclination for that?! I am who I am right now and that’s what this blog shows: little snippets of my life as I learn to find joy in the process that is life.

Take this post for example, I started writing it at my desk with hubby doing his uni work at the desk next to me and I’m now lying in bed having just fed my gorgeous little girl – Cheeky Chops – who of course is fast asleep again… Lying here that bit longer was completely worth it when she giggled out loud (as if she was being tickled). It’s like one of those MasterCard adds – Queen bed $789, second generation iPad $543, witnessing your daughter giggle in her sleep… Priceless!

*Disclaimer: the prices listed in this post are completely inaccurate, they’re simply used to illustrate the anecdote.
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