I’m cracking myself up here! LOL

So, there’s a certain GnomeAngel who has a lot to answer for when it comes to my growing stash of fabric & my plunge into the world of quilting! Though there is a lot to be said for the sentiments of #NoBuyJuly – no point hoarding fabric & not getting on with the sewing projects you’ve got planned. To that end I decided to join in with GnomeAngel’s first quilt-a-long (QAL) using Canoe Ridge Creations‘ Sea Breeze Mini quilt pattern (check out #SeaBreezeMQAL on Instagram!)

The QAL gave me the opportunity to sew ‘along side’ (in social media terms) many highly proficient quilters. This presented me with many opportunities to ask my MANY quilting virgin questions – like: What exactly is a 1/4″ foot? Why do so many quilters love starch so much? How does one achieve ‘perfect points’? And many more… I have to confess to not even realizing that the foot that came with my machine was NOT in fact a 1/4″ foot. My bad! Did I mention I’m a quilting virgin?!

Of course I had no idea that half square triangles (HSTs) were a rather more onerous quilting project to tackle than might be recommended to beginner quilters! But then again, I’ve always subscribed to simply diving in and learning on the go. If not, why not! Perhaps that’s just me?

I’m super grateful to all the accomplished quilters who shared their knowledge, tips & tricks with me through #SeaBreezeMQAL. In particular Linden (@vinelines) and @belloquacity (whom I don’t actually know IRL).

So, a BIG thank you to Angie – the GnomeAngel herself for hosting the #SeaBreezeMQAL! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the learning journey!!! Sew much in fact, that you might just be seeing a little more quilting from me in the months to come!

Got a better pun for this quilting fun? Do share it with us in the comments!

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