I hope you are all having a good Easter and have taken the time to reflect on the fact that chocolate eggs, the ‘Easter bunny’ and other traditions are not the be all and end all of Easter. Easter is a wonderful opportunity to remember the sacrifice God and Jesus made so that every single human being may have the opportunity to choose to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

I personally am eternally grateful for the ultimate sacrifice God made in sending His ONLY son, Jesus to be born as a man to live a perfect life, sharing the Good News and to be crucified on a cross – thereby taking the judgement that humanity deserves, the judgement that I deserve! And then, as prophesied in old testament scriptures, on the third day Jesus rose again!!! And it is because of His resurrection that we as Christians have such hope!

As I’ve said before, I’m no theological scholar… so if you are questioning whether in fact this whole Jesus thing is fact or fiction then I can highly recommend reading a post written by Pastor Dave McDonald who blogs at Macarisms. Here is a little excerpt of his Fact or fantasy post:

Let me be open with you. Unless this is non-fiction, historical, factual, and continues to have relevance, then I’ve backed a complete loser. I’ve invested all my hopes, plans, priorities, aspirations, on this being truth. When I discovered that I had a terminal illness, the weight of these issues became enormous. I experienced doubts, fears, and confusion. I had big questions. Real questions, not just theoretical or ideological questions. They were intense, existential, of utmost significance. I engaged in investigation and reinvestigation. I had bet my life on this. Is it true?

I hope you will take the time to click-through and read Dave’s thoughts in their entirety and then share your thoughts below!

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