I’ve always loved creative pursuits, instilled by my wonderful ‘second mum’ in my childhood! Of course there was also the teacher who took us for an after school hand-sewing class in year four, Mrs Foot who took us for Friday afternoon art classes in our later primary school years when a group of us would be allowed to walk from swimming lessons to her house (growing up in South Africa that was a much bigger deal than it would have been here in Australia)! We’d have time to get lost in our imaginations as we’d play in ‘the magic far-away tree’ out the front of her house waiting for the beginning of our lesson. At another stage there were Friday afternoon art & craft classes in my childhood best friend’s garage… her Mum (my childhood ‘second mum’) and another family friend would come up with amazingly creative projects for us… marble painting egg shells and all manner of other delights! Incidentally, that concrete floored, double garage also holds memories of awesomely disgusting party games involving passing cooked spaghetti in our toes along a line (moving a plateful from one end of the line to the other without touching it with our hands)… ah, childhood! Such special memories that certainly have contributed to shaping the person I am today!

Eight or so years ago, when visiting family and friends in South Africa, I purchased some African print material with the intention of turning it into a dooner cover and pillow case set. I bought one print to make a double bed set (with blue backing colours) and another to make a single bed set (with neutral backing colours and a plain black print). Those materials sat in storage until last year when we returned from our family trip to South Africa. It was the first time I had been back for over seven years, and the first time Hubby had been (thus the first time he had met many of my family and friends there) and of course Cheeky Monkey’s first trip to South Africa as well! We stayed for a week with my childhood ‘second mum’ who is still as creative as ever! It gave me the inspiration boost I needed to rediscover my creative streak. So upon our return I got out the blue backed material, measured up, purchased some additional plain coloured fabric to make up the necessary width and got to work on a dooner cover and pillow set for our bed!

Creative Imagination

It took a few days as it was the first sewing I’d done in a very long time, I needed to learn the settings on my sewing machine (I used to sew on my mother’s machine when I was younger and didn’t have a machine of my own).

Cheeky Monkey checking on Mummy's progress

I’d never done button holes before, but for some reason I thought it’d be a nice touch to finish off the cover with buttons and thus needed to find the manual to my machine in order to work out the peculiarities of stitching around button holes with my particular machine.

Homemade bed spread!

I completed the project fairly quickly and easily, I rather surprised myself. I’ve always shied away from sewing as surely it’s a difficult thing to do?! It appears I was a bit too hasty in my judgement! It was rather enjoyable and ultimately brought me an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement I hadn’t experienced in quite some time! Fellow mothers will know that when you first journey into motherhood and your life is turned upside down, your ability to achieve what you did pre children is very limited and it can be rather disheartening when your daily achievement is bathing, dressing, feeding yourself and your new bub and getting a load of washing on the line if you’re having a particularly productive day! It’s rather challenging to wrap your head around readjusting your expectations of yourself once a little person has entered your world! So for me, completing this dooner cover and pillow case set for our bedroom, after seven years of anticipation of the project, was an extremely satisfying and empowering achievement!

And just for fun… a sneak peek of the latest creative project I have on the go! 🙂

Sneak peek...

Do you remember your first creative completion post entering the world of motherhood? Or have you felt the satisfaction of completing a project after years of anticipation?

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