That part of me that can so often disappear into the abyss of sleep deprivation and day-to-day survival through these little years where eager young minds need nurturing, big emotions require loving containment, poo is an extra-toilet affair, Mount Wash-more is ever-growing, baby needs wearing, cobwebs are perfecting their ability to keep, pasta-less dinner is a bone of contention and that’s all before we’ve attempted to leave the house! My creative brain! It really does exist more than just externally in the form of hubby. And on Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed the creative meeting of the minds that happened when I visited Angie to check out her garage sale and Green Tangerine Quilts fabric stash.

Green Tangerine Quilts

I came away with this lovely little array of her wares for something ‘a little bit fancy’ that I’m working on. She answered a bunch of my ‘dumb’ fabric/ quilting questions (it’s a whole new world to me) and I thoroughly enjoyed expanding my knowledge of what some other Capital creative types are up to. Angie made some great suggestions for my creative brain to quietly contemplate in the background and shared some sage wisdom to get me moving again.

It really was a breath of fresh air to meet Angie and I hope our paths cross again soon.

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