When we bought our house we were very happy with the house and the size of the block. The backyard needed work! At least a quarter of the back yard was framed & netted off as a cat run. The frame also supported a PVC pipe aqueduct which appeared to ensure a closed loop – overflow would head down the aqueduct to the roof where it’d be directed to the first water tank whose over flow would be pumped up to the second tank! Perplexing! Also known as, ‘what on earth were they thinking’?!

It’s long gone (before Cheeky Monkey entered our lives) & the massive prickly bushes that covered the whole back corner came out with long arm pruning shears, a friends chain saw & many hours of sweat around Christmas time! We’ve consequently been ready for this next phase for quite some time… Thankfully I gave up all lofty ambitions of doing it myself, because the bobcat found the blue rock quite a challenge during the leveling out process!!!

Cheeky Monkey & Cheeky Chops were quite taken by the process. As only small children can be! Cheeky Monkey was invited to sit in the bobcat, but declined. He hasn’t availed himself of the multiple opportunities he’s had to sit in fire engines either. He maintains his obsessions from afar. There were too many questions to count and by half way through I was being told rather than asked about the process! I admire the passion for story telling!

As with all good learning opportunities, he progressed from questions & story telling to working ‘along side’ the bobcat! It’s some of my favourite play – when he seems to feel most at peace playing independently! And yet ironically instead of getting things done, all I wanted to do was watch him!

And then there was the delivery of sleepers and the beginnings of our grass frame… Something new & fascinating to occupy Cheeky Monkey every day! Despite the cooling temperatures, the pull to the backyard was just too strong! There was dirt & discovery at his finger tips! There were workmen to talk to (so much more interesting than Mummy) & cutting, screwing, digging, etc. to observe! Almost as if it was his own private entertainment, not landscaping at all! Bless!

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