I took the opportunity to attend the Canberra Christian Radio Ltd (governing body of 1WAY FM) AGM on Saturday. Being preceded by a fully catered brunch and fellowship with some lovely members I haven’t seen in quite some time. It was a lovely little outing for me! Cheeky chops joined me of course, but she slept through majority of the proceedings.


It’s nice to keep abreast of the progress of the technical upgrades; new transmitter site negotiations that have been on the cards in one form or another since my days working in the 1WAY FM studios over 2.5 years ago now (clearly not a simple process); the changes as strategic plans are reviewed and reworked for a greater ability to measure effectiveness; and plenty more. All things that strangely make me feel a little excited, but perhaps that’s just because it allows me to use part of my brain that isn’t hauled out much these days!

Having the opportunity to catch up with long-term members I haven’t seen for a while was particularly nice. They loved meeting Cheeky Chops and I had a lovely chat about parenting with two wonderful parenting veterans who shared some sage advise – not to allow myself to become guilt ridden over whether differences in our children as they grow might be due to different choices I made in raising them! It’s always great to have those little pearls of wisdom shared from those who have trodden this path before you! I don’t tend to worry overly much about it (who has the time or brain space for that in these little years?!), but it is something I have reflected on momentarily in recent weeks. It’s amazing how God provides what you need – a gentle nudge away from that which I cannot change! A great reminder of the importance of regular fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ!

What sage wisdom has been shared with you of late?

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